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The importance of helping others

Your child will discover that the world is a better place when people help each other.  Consider these ideas for raising a helpful youngster.

1.  Take on chores.  Helping starts at home, and regular chores are a good place to begin.

2.  Assist classmates.  Let your youngster see that he/she has the power to help others.  If he/she mentions someone who might need help (say, a classmate who is struggling with math facts) ask, "What could you do?"

3.  Volunteer together.  Your child can be a community volunteer with your help.  For ideas, contact the parks and recreation department or community centers.

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As the South School Counselor, I am here to help students in their academic, career, and personal/social development, as well as their mental health.  If there is something you believe I might be able to help your child or family with, please contact me at South School!